The ATL 384 Elements Wireless Ultrasound Probes represent a mix of clinical philosophy and technology, allowing everybody in healthcare field to carry out any kind of ultrasound  with all applicable algorithms, both existing and future.
The growth and achievement in these market segments in the last few years have been giving our probes such a development and attactiveness which pushed the staff of every university department, hospital, emergency, first aid, helicopter rescue and nurses to equip with the 384 Elements Wireless Ultrasound Probes.
These scanners have all European, American and flight medical and technical certifications and the medical certified tablet.
When used in precarious areas, high mountain or at sea, this probe allows medical staff and healthcare professional to safely and autonomously carry out an ultrasound diagnosis: after having stabilised the patient, they are able to take a quick decision on his triage.
Thanks to its internal battery, with a 4 and a half hour online life, the operator can work safely and at extreme temperatures.
The ATL Wireless ultrasound Probes deliver images in real time, without WiFi connection with other networks. They work through coupling proble and tablet, smartphone, iPad, iPhone or notebook windows. The proble log on with the device by easily entering the serial numer given by ATL.

WiFi Ultrasound Probes ATL Milano during emergencies, a doctor and his healthcare staff must face with difficult situations, which have to be managed in the shortest possible time but in the best way.

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