Wireless ultrasound probe double head linear+Convex

Wireless Ultrasound Probe Double Head Linear+Convex

Wireless ultrasound probe double head L+C is the smallest, lightest and most versatile in the world.

Wireless ultrasound probe represent a mix of clinical philosophy and technology and this peculiarity allows everybody in healthcare field to carry out every kind of ultrasound.

Wireless ultrasound probes are portable, pocket-sized and above all wireless; they interface with tablets, smartphones or PCs, being compatible with iOS, Android and Windows operating systems.

Wireless ultrasound probe Double Head the revolution for emergency medicine

The innovative concept of ATL wireless ultrasound probe double head, takes their use in emergency situations to a new level.

The compactness and ease of transport makes it possible to use the WiFi scanner anywhere, allowing medical personnel to make a diagnosis on a bed site, home visits and in the clinic.

Substantial advantages of Wireless ultrasound probe Double Head

  • Portability and ease of use for any medical and paramedical operator
  • Real-time diagnostic consultancy for triage
  • Use of the Wireless ultrasound probe double head in the operating field
  • Maximum safety of contamination-free diagnostic management in the bacterial field
  • Immediate machine / user interface for a prompt response in the Fast
  • Use of the Wireless ultrasound probe Double Head also for remote diagnosis
  • The wireless ultrasound probe is continuously updated via APP
  • The WiFi ultrasound probe is free of latex
  • Reduced distances traveled
  • Save time and reduce costs
Utility of Wireless Ultrasound Probe Double Head Linear+Convex Color – Power Doppler – Pulsed Doppler – ATL
General ImagingSurgery and Operating Room
Pain therapy Urology
Anesthesia and resuscitation Pediatrics
Emergency room Neonatology
Ambulances Orthopedics and traumatology
General medicine Nephrology and Dialysis
Pneumology Physiotherapy
BreastOncology Hematology
Sonda Ecografica Wireless Double Head Convex + LineareTechnical Data
Wireless Ultrasound Probe Double Head Linear+Convex
Code:   DLC1005C
Scanning System: Elettronic
Display Mode: B, B/M, B+Color, B+PDI, B+PW
Frequency: Linear 7,5 MHz – 10,0 MHz in Harmonic
Convex 3,5 MHz – 5,0 MHz in Harmonic
Display of mechanical and thermal indexes MI (Mechanical Index) and TI (Thermal Index)
Gain: 30 dB ÷ 105 dB
TGC:8 Levels of gain
Dinamic Range: 40 dB ÷110 dB
Enhance: 0÷4 (Denoise)
Depth: Lineare: 20 – 40 – 60 – 80 mm
Convex: 90 – 160 – 220 -305 mm
Foot: Linear: 40 mm
Convex: radius 60 mm – scanning angle 60°
Cine Loop: Automatic / manual (frame by frame) adjustable 100 – 200 – 500 – 1.000 frame
Frame rate: 20 frame/second
WiFi type: 802.11g/20MHz/5G/450Mbps
Preset: Linear: MSK – Thyroid – Small Parts – Pediatrics – Vascular – Carotid – Breast
Convex: Abdomen – Gynecological – Obstetric – Cardiac – Urology – Kidney
Dimensions: 156 x 65 x 20 mm
Weight: 250 g
Monitor: SmartPhone, Tablet or Notebook Windows
Supporting Systems: iOS, Android e Windows
Optional:GPS and Needle guide
Biopsy guide and
Virtual Biopsy Guide (In-plane – Out-plane) adjustable Marker position (Up / Down – Left / Right)
Image gray scale : 256 livels
Immage Storage: Use of intelligent terminals for the use of storage devices (mobile phones, tablets and notebooks)
Images and video format: DICOM – JPEG – MP4
Measures: Lenght, angle, area/circumference, traced, depth
Convex only with Obstetric preset: GA (CRL-BBD-GS-FL-HC-AC), EFW (BDL-FL), LMP
Measures M-Mode:Lenght – Heart rate – Time – Depth
Battery:  Built-in rechargeable 3.8 V / 4200 mAh – 21,56 Wh – High capacity Li-ion battery
Power Consumption: 10 W (unfreeze) / 4 W (freeze)
Battery working time:3 hours on line – 48 hours stand-by
Battery recharge: max 90 minuts with wireless charger
Command Button: on/off – freeze/unfreeze – Switch Linear/Convex
Color Doppler – Power Doppler – Pulsed Doppler
Frequency: Linear: 7,5 MHz – 10,0 MHz harmonic – Convex: 3,5 MHz
Gain color: 0÷100
PRF adjustable
Steer only for Linear
WF: 0 ÷ 15
Pulsed Doppler
Sample Volume: adjustable
Angle Doppler: 360°
Adjustable Base Line
Real Time: B+PW
Measures: Velocity [cm/s] – Heart frequency [bpm] – PS [cm/s] – ED [cm/s] S/D – Resistance index RI [cm/s] – Depth [cm]
CND Z11040103
Classification: Class IIa
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