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Wireless Ultrasound Probe CERBERO
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Wireless Ultrasound Probe Convex Color Doppler 384 Elements - C05C
Wireless Ultrasound Probes - ATL
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Wireless Ultrasound Probes - ATL Milano
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ATL Wireless Ultrasound probes

Emergency cave relief

Use of the ATL Wireless Double Head Ultrasound – Emergency cave rescue.

The National Alpine and Speleological Rescue Corps (CNSAS) provides for the rescue of the injured, the perilous and the recovery of the fallen in the mountain territory, in the underground environment and in the impervious areas of the national territory.

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Sonda ecografica wi fi double head



Covid-19 Chest ultrasound - B lines

Chest ultrasound

Chest ultrasound with Convex ATL wireless ultrasound. In conditions where there is a thickening of the pulmonary interstitium, artifacts appear perpendicular to the pleural line called “B Lines” previously known as “comet tail” or according to other “ring down artifacts”. The B lines are artifacts that originate from the pleural line and extend in the cone-shaped periphery: in normal conditions it is possible to find some B lines however, to be considered abnormal, the number of artifacts must be at least three in a standard scan

Chest ultrasound with Convex ATL wireless ultrasound

ATL  Wireless Color Doppler Ultrasound Probes

The ATL 384 Elements Wireless Ultrasound Probes represent a mix of clinical philosophy and technology, allowing everybody in healthcare field to carry out any kind of ultrasound  with all applicable algorithms, both existing and future.
The growth and achievement in these market segments in the last few years have been giving our probes such a development and attactiveness which pushed the staff of every university department, hospital, emergency, first aid, helicopter rescue and nurses to equip with the 384 Elements Wireless Ultrasound Probes.
These scanners have all European, American and flight medical and technical certifications and the medical certified tablet.
When used in precarious areas, high mountain or at sea, this probe allows medical staff and healthcare professional to safely and autonomously carry out an ultrasound diagnosis: after having stabilised the patient, they are able to take a quick decision on his triage.
Thanks to its internal battery, with a 4 and a half hour online life, the operator can work safely and at extreme temperatures.
The ATL Wireless ultrasound Probes deliver images in real time, without WiFi connection with other networks. They work through coupling proble and tablet, smartphone, iPad, iPhone or notebook windows. The proble log on with the device by easily entering the serial numer given by ATL

Wireless Ultrasound Probes ATL B/W

Wireless Ultrasound Probes and Wifi Ultrasound Probes. ATL for non-hospital emergency and urgency first aid

During emergencies, a doctor and his healthcare staff must face with difficult situations, which have to be managed in the shortest possible time but in the best way.
It is well known and recognised that ultrasound in diagnosis has become an essential pre-hospital help to correctly classify patients’ clinical situations and to carry out some manoeuvres , that would be otherwise very hard.
The time factor is the secret ingredient and it is indispensable to properly manage pre-hospital and in-hospital ugencies.
Emergency ultrasound is a targeted examination, allowing the doctor to take a quick decision concerning the patient’s diagnostic and therapeutic process.
The latest technology of ATL wireless utrasound scanners and a deeper human anatomy knowledge are the new starting points, aiming at using procedural ultrasound even in non-hospital emergencies

Assistance and Training Wireless Ultrasound Probes

ATL “tutors” will remotely and in real time analise with you even the least clinical difficulty you can find during and after the ultrasound exam.
Updates and wireless probe assistance will be also handled remotely and in few minutes by our ATL Milan experts.
Our strength is completely focused on clinical training of medical and nursing staff through monthly ECM-and- not courses and events at our Italian university departments.

ATL Wireless Ultrasound Probes use in Neonatal Transport

Every Region has neonatal transport services: we, neonatologists, working in third level centres, assist and transfer newborns, even in very serious conditions, from first and second level centres with no probe available.
In this regard, I believe that having an ATL wireless probe both on the spot and in the ambulance can make a difference. Ultrasound has become a sort of “stethoscope”, a tool that every doctor should always carry with him and be able to use, since it significantly enhances our diagnostic capabilities and strenghtens therapeutic possibilities.
Herebelow what I suggest:
ATL Wireless Ultrasound Probe during neonatal transport, according to the scope and the application field:

1. Respiratory:
ATL Wireless Ultrasound Linear Probe 10.0 – 14.0 MHz : it allows to carry out a differential diagnosis between HMD hyaline membrane disease and transient tachypnea of the newborn (TTN). It enables to rule out an air leak or pleural effusion, thus permitting to chose the best respiratory support strategy.

2. Cardiovascular
ATL Wireless Ultrasound MicroConvex Probe 3.5 – 5.0 – 7.0 : it allows to carry out the evaluation of the myocardial functionality and to rule out a state of low cardiac output caused by a reduced preload or vascular function, thus conveying therapeutic choises. It enables to rule out a critical congenital heart disease

3. Neurological:
ATL Wireless Ultrasound MicroConvex Probe 3.5 – 5.0 – 7.0 : it allows to identify the main neurological injuries: endoventricular and/or parenchymal haemorrhages; cerebral ischemia and so on

4. Venous access field.

ATL Wireless Ultrasound MicroConvex Probe 3.5 – 5.0 – 7.0 : it allows to accurately find out the tip location during positioning of umbilical venous and caval epicutaneous catheters
ATL Wireless Ultrasound Linear Probe 7.5 – 10.0 MHz: ultrasound-guided venipuncture of the femoral vein of the newborn, when it is not possible positioning a peripheral venous or umbelical catheter

ATL Mission

We are back, we began in the 80s, 40 years have passed and we have come a long way since Pedof and Mechanical and Annular phased array probes. Nowadays, the fantatechnology, we could only dream, has become reality: WiFi 5G  ATL Wireless Ultrasound Scanners.
Our mission is to give everybody the possibility to have an ultrasound phonendoscope at affordable prices, but with high quality performance, easy and friendly to use and perfect also in sterile field. Infact, since our ultrasound phonendoscope has no cable connections to external sources (monitor, cart, etc.), there are no risks for your patients to be contaminated by bacterical colonies.
In the ultrasound field, Italy and the USA are considered a full-fledged example and guideline for their outstanding professionalism, research and commitment to diagnostic imaging, thanks to several ultrasound training schools at their Universities.
As already stated, our main aim is the will to grow alongside you.
Our motto is “THE ART OF VALUE”


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