Wireless Handheld Ultrasound Probe CERBERO

CERBERO 4.0 B-MatrixSound
Ecografo Palmare Wireless CERBERO 4.0 B-MatrixSound

Wireless Handheld Ultrasound Probe CERBERO 4.0 B-MatrixSound Color Doppler Cardio+Convex+Linear

ATL Wireless Handheld Ultrasound Probe CERBERO 4.0 B-MatrixSound  uses two types of connection – WiFi and USB  – with cable, Ii works with a mobile app compatible with most iOS , Android e Windows devices, and can also be connected with a type C cable.
Image transmission is via internal Wi-Fi 5G and no networks are required.
The Wireless Ultrasound Probe Cerbero4.0 Cardio+Convex+Linear Color Doppler is the world’s smallest, lightest and most versatile probe.

Ecografo Palmare Wireless CERBERO 4.0 B-MatrixSound

CERBERO 4.0 The revolution for emergency medicine

The innovative concept of ATL wireless ultrasound probe CERBERO 4.0 enables to reach a new level in emergency situations.

Its compactness and ease of transport makes it possible to use it anywhere and allows medical personnel to make a bed-side, home and hospital diagnosis.

Main advantages of WiFi ultrasound probes

  • Portability and ease of use for any medical and paramedical operator
  • Real-time diagnostic advice for triage
  • Use of the wifi ultrasound probe in the surgical field
  • Maximum level of safety without bacterial contamination
  • Immediate device/user interface for fast response in FAST
  • Use of wifi ultrasound probe even for remote diagnosis
  • The wifi ultrasound probe is continuously updated via app
  • The wifi ultrasound probe is free of latex and phthalates
  • reduction of distance traveled
  • saving time and reducing costs
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CERBERO Cardio Convex Lineare
CERBERO Ecografo portatile Wi-Fi


Wireless Handheld Ultrasound Probe CERBERO 4.0 B-MatrixSound LINEAR 7,5÷10,0 MHz + CONVEX 3,2÷5,0 MHz + PHASED ARRAY 2,5÷5,0 MHz Color Doppler
Ecografo Palmare Wireless CERBERO 4.0 B-MatrixSoundData Sheet

Handheld Wireless Ultrasound Probe CERBERO 4.0 B-MatrixSound

LINEAR 7,5÷10,0 MHz + CONVEX 3,2÷5,0 MHz + CARDIO 2,5÷5,0 MHz Color Doppler
Scanning System:Electronic
Image Mode: B, B/M, B+Color, B+PDI, B+PW, B+Color+PW
Visualizaion of Mechanic and Thermal Indexes MI (Mechanical Index) e TI (Thermal Index)
Frequency: Linear: 7,5 MHz – 10,0 MHz in harmonic

Convex 3,2 MHz – 5,0 MHz in harmonic

Cardio: 2,5 MHz – 5,0 MHz in harmonic
Total Gain: 30 dB ÷ 105 dB
TGC:Gain Curve with 8 setting points
Dynamic Range :40 dB ÷110 dB
Focuses:Linear: 2 focuses

Convex: 1 focus
Enhance: 0÷4 (Denoise)
Adjustable Scanning Depth: Linear: 20 – 40 – 60 – 80 mm

Convex: 90 – 160 – 220 – 305 mm

Cardio: 90 – 120 – 140 – 160 mm
Probe Foot Linear: 28 mm

Convex: scanning angle 50°

Cardio: scanning angle 80°
Cine Loop: Automatic / manual (frame by frame)

Adjustable 100 – 200 – 500 – 1.000 frames
Frame rate: 18 frames/second

27 frames/second (Cardio)
WiFi type: 802.11g/20MHz/5G/450Mbps
Preset: Linear: MSK – Thyroid– Small Parts – Pediatrics – Vascular – Carotid – Breast-Nerves- Vessel Flow - Aestethics

Convex: Abdomen– Gynecological– Obstetric – Cardiac – Urology – KidneyLung

The Cardiac Preset activates the Cardio probe Phased Array
Lung Preset is optimized to highlight commonly observed artifacts in lung imaging and enables to automatically
identify lines B or "comet tails"
Dimensions:121 x 54 x 30 mm
Weight:186 g
Protection Degree:IP68
Antislipping Design:On all 4 sides of the probe
Display:SmartPhone, Tablet, Notebook, Windows and Medical Tablet Windows
Operating Systems:iOS, Android and Windows
Biopsy and

Virtual Biopsy Guide(In-plane – Out-plane)

Adjustable Marker Position (Up/Down – Left/Right)


256 levels
Image StorageThe app creates a folder where all saved images are stored in subdirectories
Image and Video Format: DICOM – JPEG – MP4
Measures: B Mode: Length, Angle, Circumference, Depth, Volume

Pan zoom imaging/pre post process measure ng

Convex only with obstetric preset: GA (CRL BBD GS FL HC AC), EFW (BDL FL), LMP

B+M Mode: Heart Rate, Time, Distance , LVID( LVIDd, LVIDs, EF,

B+PW: speed [cm/s] heart rate [bpm] ps [cm/s] ed [cm/s] s/d Resistive Index RI [ cm/s]

Depth [mm]

Vessel flow automatic calculation: tamean [cm/s] fl [ml/min] diameter [mm] ps

[cm/s] ed [cm/s] s/d Resistive Index RI [cm/ s]
Battery:  Built-in rechargable 2 X 3,8 V 2600 mAh 9,88 Wh. High capacity Li-ion battery

Integrated cooling system

3 W (on line) 1 W (freeze)
Battery working time: Approx 8 scanning hours 72 hours in stand by

If connected to a device with a cable, the probe can work with the Tablet/Smartphone battery
Battery Recharge: MAX 1,5 h wireless

MAX 1 h with USB
Recharge type:Type C USB

Wireless induction charging base
Command Buttons: on/off – freeze/unfreeze – Switch Linear/Convex – Cardio (Cardiac Preset)

Software MYUSG APP

Scarica APP Wirelessusg x Android- Ecografi Wireless