GUANGZHOU SONOSTAR TECH. CO.,LTD and Italian ATL Srl strengthen cooperation in the field of wireless ultrasound after signing exlusive distribution contract in 2020-2025.

Sonostar and ATL already marketed in Europe 11 years.  Sonostar wireless ultrasound has been sold in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. It is mainly used in clinical departments and primary medical units and emergency medical units in major hospitals. 

For urgent emergency inspections, such as emergency department, ICU, ambulance, etc. , Field rescue and preliminary screening, such as ward inspections, fetal monitoring, musculoskeletal rehabilitation examinations, fracture judgments, hospital physical examinations, lower-level grass-roots examinations, family planning examinations, on-site inspections by family doctors, etc. 

It is also a good tool for puncture intervention, PICC catheterization, visual guidance of various operations, and infusion to find blood vessels; wireless ultrasound is small and exquisite, easy to use, and only needs to be placed in a disposable sleeve to avoid cross-probing caused by poor disinfection of the probe Infections can also be combined with the powerful communication functions of mobile phones and tablets to achieve remote consultation, training and teaching.

Sonostar and ATL wireless ultrasound solves many of the pain points of medical units and personnel at all levels. For major hospitals, the “mini ultrasound inspection device” is a compact product that is easy to carry, free to use and relatively traditional large-scale ultrasound equipment. Low cost, high cost performance, can be widely popularized to various clinical departments, promote the development of visual precision medicine in the hospital, improve the overall level of diagnosis and treatment, and better avoid medical disputes caused by medical accidents.

For doctors in the clinical department, sonostar wireless ultrasound can greatly improve work efficiency, reduce labor intensity, and can also reduce the worry of lack of ultrasound imaging equipment, waiting for the assistance of the ultrasound doctor; Greatly improve the situation of running to the clinical department to help, if you need to attend the consultation, just turn on the mobile phone or tablet, which greatly reduces the workload.

Sonostar and ATL wireless ultrasound can also carry on-site and out-of-town examinations in remote primary medical care. In special cases, wireless ultrasound and mobile phone, tablet remote expert guidance can be used to better solve the problem of insufficient ultrasound diagnosis of primary doctors . At the same time, wireless ultrasound is currently being promoted by the state: the most appropriate ultrasound equipment required for hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, public health and health, establishment of big health data, remote consultation on Internet medical treatment, and medical poverty alleviation.

Sonostar and ATL wireless ultrasound is low in cost and easy to implement in batches. It is compact and convenient for use at the grassroots level. It also has powerful remote assistance functions, which can better solve the core problems of graded diagnosis and treatment. Sonostar and ATL wireless ultrasound takes you into the era of “mini ultrasound inspection equipment”